Business mogul and NFL power player, Jay Z, is starting to voice his opinion on NFL free agent and social justice icon, Colin Kaepernick. As you may know ‘Kap’ had a serious workout scheduled in cooperation with the NFL over the weekend, but Kaepernick took it upon himself to change the location of the workout at the last minute, mostly because he wanted the event to be publicized.


Apparently, Jay Z thinks Colin Kaepernick “turned a legitimate workout into a publicity stunt.” TMZ has sources close to Jay Z saying he is disappointed in how Kaepernick seems to be squandering a legitimate opportunity to get back in the league. Originally the workout was to be held at the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes Benz Stadium at noon, and it was reported that 25 of the NFL’s 32 teams sent scouts to witness Colin Kaepernick show what he’s got.

However, at the last minute, Kap became dismayed with several aspects of the NFL approved workout, and decided to change the venue. He moved it from Mercedes Benz Stadium to a local high school football field. Also, Kaepernick didn’t want to sign a waiver for the workout. Of course the NFL says the waiver is standard, but Kaepernick’s people say it’s not. According to TMZ, they marked the document up with their demands and sent it back to NFL reps.

Colin Kaepernick did get his chance at the cameras when it was all over. He told Roger Goodell and the 32 NFL teams to “stop running from the truth, and stop running from the people.” Still, it turned out only a few of the NFL scouts set to attend Kaepernick’s workout actually made it to the high school field. No word on whether the quarterback views yesterday’s event a success, but for now, the die is cast on this chapter. Is Colin Kaepernick doing too much right now? It’ll be interesting to see if he gets any takers.

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