After finding out he and the late Nipsey Hussle had been nominated for a Grammy on Wednesday for their hit song “Higher,” DJ Khaled decided to share several messages he exchanged with the Compton rapper around the time they were recording it. He wanted the fans to know just how much love and appreciation the two men had for each other and how proud they were of the song that would be one of Nipsey Hussle’s last musical achievements.

“Higher” has now been nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance. Altogether, Nipsey has three nominations for the 62nd Grammy Awards.

Of course, John Legend was nominated for the piece as well, for giving an epic vocal performance that will stand the test of time. DJ Khaled showed us the moment he shared an a cappella version of John’s verse with Nipsey Hussle on video. The larger than life DJ also predicted their Grammy nod for the project several times, telling Nipsey in person on video… “And it’s a body of work, know what I’m sayin’… And God willing, we get a nomi… you know, the Gram… know what I’m sayin’.”

Tragically, Nipsey Hussle would die just days after the three men finished shooting the video for “Higher,” but finish it, they did. Until the next time it drips…

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