In what feels like a mystifying turn of events, the seemingly unshakable marriage of Love & Hip Hop couple Ray J and Princess Love is imploding right before our eyes, and it’s playing out all over social media. After Princess Love shocked the internet by blasting her husband Ray J for allegedly leaving her and their baby stranded in Las Vegas during the Soul Train Awards last week, the couple’s been in a no holds barred fight over the internet, and both are still throwing punches.


While Ray J finally stepped up for damage control on Thursday with a desperate plea, Princess Love continues to blast him, airing their dirty laundry. Now she’s even suggesting Ray J may have a gambling problem. Just so you know, Princess Love is currently 8 months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

In the IGTV video Ray J posted on Thursday, he claimed he never stranded Princess Love and their baby, pointing out that the two were in the next hotel room. TMZ says they got in a huge argument and Ray J checked himself into another room at the same hotel. Ray J started out by saying, “Yo this is for all the media outlets out there, that’s putting out these stories about me…” Actually, it’s his wife putting out the stories about him, not the media. Shouldn’t he be talking to her?

To that end, Princess Love said early on that Ray J also blocked her calls and wouldn’t talk to her, yet he seems to have time to address media outlets. She reconfirmed this fact last night saying, “I’m still blocked! He still hasn’t checked to see if me and my daughter are ok.” The love & Hip Hop star also dropped a Live session captured by The Shade Room where she explained what the initial blow up between the two was really about…


As you can see, Princess says it all started because Ray J couldn’t convince her to move to Las Vegas with him. She also suggests Ray J might have a problem with gambling saying, “There’s too many distracts(In Vegas), you already like to gamble.”

Ray J is probably very worried about his business interests with all the mess. He’s been partnering with some huge companies that no doubt are attracted to him because he’s building a reputation as a huge Hip Hop family man. However, leaving your 8 months pregnant wife and your daughter stranded in Las Vegas, and also being pegged as a gambling addict, are two great ways to burn it all down.

Some are suggesting Princess Love is suffering from hormone stress from the pregnancy, but she seems pretty clear in her video. Others are saying Princess Love might simply be jealous of Ray J’s big successes lately and want to knock him down a peg – she did seem to split hairs about having her own money in one post. Whatever it is, things are out of whack in the Norwood house. We’ll follow the developments- until the next time it drips…

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