Just in time for the holidays, former NFL great Michael Strahan is finding out there’s no better gift than the one that keeps on giving – like perhaps, an angry spit-filled ex that you left well over a decade ago. That’s right, Michael Strahan and his ex-wife, Jean Muggli Strahan, split up way back in 2006, yet they’re still fighting like cats and dogs here in 2019, as if the breakup was just last month. And they’re burning tons of good money to do it.

The issue now is something called a Parenting Coordinator (PC). That’s right… these two are paying some lady huge money, apparently, just to babysit them. After all these years, they can’t simply make their own plans and arrangements concerning two adorable, but basically grown up, teenage daughters, Sophia and Isabella.

Michael wants a court to order Jean to pay half the bill now, after he just agreed to pay 90 percent back in February, according to TMZ. He says Jean is unnecessarily engaging the PC and runing up the bill… well, duh. For her part, Jean says the PC is always siding with Michael because he pays the bill. Jean also says she acts like his freaking assistant and it’s annoying. Still, she won’t up her clout by paying half.

The happy couple are currently waiting for another court date to settle $547,000 in back child support Jean is asking for. She also wants $225,000 out of Michael for equestrian classes. Jean claims she’s spent a whopping $450,802 just so her girls can ride horses – those are some expensive pony rides. Seems like the Strahans are burning good money, one courthouse at a time.

We’ll let you know who draws next blood – until the next time it drips…

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