Rapper French Montana is still in the San Fernando Valley hospital he was rushed to almost a week ago. TMZ is reporting the “Fu** What Happens Tonight” rhymer is still suffering from an elevated heart rate and stomach pains. They also they were told he has severe exhaustion and dehydration. It’s believed his 6-day international trip through Europe and Africa is to blame.

French’s camp didn’t provide an update as to his condition through the weekend, and they didn’t respond to requests. However, French himself updated his fans with a short video on Monday. Until then, media could only report the rapper was still in ICU and struggling.  Hot Girl Megan also managed to see French, and the two made a video so his fans would know he was alert and aware.

It’s not good that doctors don’t know what’s ailing the 35-year-old rapper, but sometimes these things take time, especially if there’s some sort of foreign illness at play. We’ll keep you updated – until the next time it drips….

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