Back in March, rapper and Love & Hip Hop New York star Remy Ma was accused of punching fellow rapper, Britney Taylor, at a concert. Britney went live with the incident, posting pictures of injuries to her face, and had Remy Ma brought up on charges – 2 counts of assault, 1 count of aggravated harrassment and 1 count of harassment in the 2nd degree.

Well, apparently, a judge in NYC decided it was all a bunch of bullsh**. Here’s Remy as she left the courtroom, as captured by TMZ…

This whole episode has cost Remy Ma a lot of trouble and money, as she herself puts it. Her lawyer, Dawm Florio, had this to say…

“Remy has always maintained her complete innocence as she never laid a hand on her celebrity-obsessed, clout chasing, credibility challenged accuser. Unfortunately, these manufactured allegations caused my client to suffer the indignities of having to wear an ankle monitor while having her freedom limited by travel restrictions and an 8:00 PM curfew.”

It’s true Remy has maintained her innocence, saying she wasn’t even at the event where the two supposedly had the altercation. It’s being reported there were absolutely no witnesses to anything Britney Taylor alleges, thus the tossing by the judge. Questions… Where then did Britney get those injuries? Umm… is she okay? Will Remy Ma clap back and sue?


We’ll keep you updated if anything else jumps off – until the next time it drips….

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