Love & Hip Hop: New York‘s Cyn Santana had an emotional time on the popular talk show, The Real. The ladies kinda grilled her about a controversial remark she made back in 2016 on Angela Yee’s podcast called Lip Service. Cyn basically told her viewers that black men preferred latinas. Cyn Santana is of Salvadorian and Dominican descent.

She’s been dealing with the blowback from that assertion ever since. In an emotional moment on the show, she offered this apology…

“I feel like I poorly articulated myself, and I irresponsibly repeated something that I heard in my teenage years,” she says. “And I think people took that message wrongly, that’s not what I meant. And for that I apologize.”

She went on to say that was a bad moment in her life and reminded the crowd how she’s grown since then, and that she has a son now. It all seemed very heartfelt, but many of her followers online don’t seem to want to let it go.

Just for good measure, here are the words she actually uttered… “Black guys cater to us Spanish girls, specially. You know what, let me not even get into that. I didn’t mean it like that, but you know, black girls are going to take it personally.”

Cyn Santana has probably learned by now that black guys, as well as any other guys, go crazy for hot girl on girl action… the sort that launched her TV career on Love & Hip Hop with Erica Mena. If you missed it, just know that it was explosive stuff. Honestly, men wouldn’t care if she was green.

Until the next time it drips…

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