Hip Hop businessman Ray J seems to be trying to get back to normalcy in his life. He launched a promotion for his new “Bunny Rayz” eyewear this week on his Instagram page, but only after having to remove all traces of his family during his very ugly and very public fight with his wife, Love & Hip Hop‘s, Princess Love. Apparently, she’s been super pissed that Ray J’s made a reputation off being a family man, even though the truth is the couple isn’t happy.

No barbs had been passed between the two for a couple weeks, but it seems the peace was short lived. TMZ caught Ray J coming out of Chelsea Studios today and when asked about his marriage, Ray J simply replied, “My Wife still mad.” Far from his usual charismatic demeanor, the Love & Hip Hop star looked quite serious and somber, while he tried to take a few pics with fans.

He wasn’t lying either… as if on cue, his wife, Princess Love, posted a Samuel L. Jackson style angry meme soon after. She said… “If the universe is forcing muthafu**$% out of your life, let that shit happen.” She didn’t actually put Ray J’s name in her passive aggressive blurb, but she never does. Princess Love also pulled the post down not long after posting it, which seems to be another habit she’s developed.

princesslove_20191205_9It’s going to be a very cold Christmas in the Norwood household this year. We’ll let you know what happens next – until the next time it drips…

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