Street life can cut a man in many ways – it can break you down, or it can make you sharper and hard to kill. That’s what AllDayDrip.com sees in our next Heat From the Streets artist… a microphone monster that won’t be denied. Massachusetts homie Chuey Bank Dollars is what I call a lyrical sniper – rhymes are clever like Slim Shady, but dope boy cold – watch the bodies drop, but won’t say nothing.

Sometimes in the rap game bombs do go off. When you hear Chuey Bank Dollars’ new single, “Overdose,” that’s exactly what you feel – like a bomb just went off. Check the track…

“Overdose, overdose, overdose,” Chuey Bank says. “I was gone for 5 years now I’m in the hood like a V Tek. Everyone talks dat gangsta sh** ’til them bullets start to eject. You damn right, I’m hot as hell – I’m the devil’s reject…”

That’s it, that’s all you get. You gotta go check Chuey Bank Dollars’ SoundCloud to really see how a true will do.

It’s one thing to jump on a bandwagon after an artist already has a bunch of videos, financial backers, and thousands of followers online, but something totally different when you’re there from the jump, out da mud. Let it be known All Day Drip supports Chuey Bank Dollars off the rip!

People talk a lot of shit from their couch, but real life requires sacrafice if you want to make something of it. Action – set out a plan. All it really takes is one mic and one man to spit your dreams into reality.

You can check out Chuey Bank Dollars on these platforms:

SoundCloud : https://m.soundcloud.com/chuey-bank-dollars

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.BankDollars

Instagram: @Chueybankdollars

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