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Nick Cannon’s been dropping some heavy artillery on rapper Eminem’s dome ever since Em’ revived the old beef between the two men over singer, Mariah Carey. Last week when Fat Joe released his album Family Ties, all rap-beef hell broke loose. On the track “Lord Above,” Eminem went right at Nick, saying he “got his jewels clipped,” and snaps again saying Nick is “pu**y whipped.”

You might question why Slim Shady would do such a thing considering their beef over Mariah is more than a decade old. Nick and Mariah also got married back then, though of course they’re now divorced with two kids together. But Eminem can do what he wants, Nick Cannon will just have to deal with it – and deal with it he has.

In just under a week, Nick Cannon is already on his second diss track aimed at Eminem. The first is a track called “The Invitation,” featuring infamous, now jailed, Death Row Records boss, Suge Knight. Then Nick came back-to-back with another track called “Pray For Him” featuring The Black Squad. In it, someone asks why Juice WRLD had to die instead of Em. It’s getting cold blooded between the two.

It seems Nick Cannon wants to use the episode to sell tickets and get his clicks up too. Ever since “Lord Above” dropped, Nick has been prodding Eminem to do battle on his show, Wild ‘N Out. Most people don’t think that will happen, but you never know… ‘Marshall’ didn’t start this war for no reason, that’s for sure.

So cool, Nick Cannon stood up like a man and he did his thug-thizzle. But now, he waits… Until the next time it drips…

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