Notorious New York gangland snitch Tekashi69 finally learned his fate this morning in a NYC federal courtroom. The “FeFe” rapper was sentenced to 24 months in federal lockup. He’s already served a year though, so the superstar should be out by the end of 2020. Tekashi69 will also have to endure 5 whole years supervised release, so the straight and narrow is his only real choice.

Judge Engelmayer decided that even though Tekashi69 helped federal prosecutors put away several Nine Trey New York City gang members, his complicity in murders, robberies, racketeering, and drug dealing was just too much to let the famous internet troll go. TMZ recorded the judges words

“In my judgment, your conduct is too violent and selfish to make 13 months reasonable. You will not be going free today.”

The judge also let it fly that Tekashi69 met with his federal handlers an astounding 26 times, hooking up 2 to 3 times a week. Even with another year locked down, it’s still the cooperation deal of a lifetime – the rapper was looking at 47 years in jail before today’s sentencing. No big deal, Tekashi69 will just have to win ‘snitch of the year’ two times in a row.

Tekashi69’s ‘love without a limit’ girlfriend, Jade, posted a video of herself getting her hair and nails done, hoping her man would be set free today. But no, he wasn’t. For all who would benefit from Tekashi’s release, including 10k Projects Records, who put up a $10 million recording deal betting the ‘rainbow gangsta’ would be set free today – run your next play.

Until the next time it drips….