Nick Cannon strikes again at Eminem, but this time he’s flat-out calling Eminem a racist! Nick says Eminem is this generation’s “KKK.” After Nick’s original diss track, “The Invitation,” the all-around entertainer has dropped a song called “Canceled: Invitation.”

In it, Nick uses some pretty disgusting words from Eminem’s own mouth saying, “Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb.” Nick keeps running the phrase back on the hook throughout the song. In the video, Nick sets it up going through terrible things Eminem has said through the years about legendary singer, Mariah Carey, who is Nick’s ex-wife and mother to his children.

Among others, Nick uses Eminem’s 2009 “Warning,” where Eminem says… “Like I’m going to sit and fight with you (Nick) over some SLUT, BIT** CU**!” In the song, Eminem also calls Nick Cannon a “fagg***,” which is a very sensitive hate word in today’s social climate. Nick Cannon also asserts that Eminem treats his black homies like “indentured slaves.” Yikes!

Being that their beef all started up again because Em threw the first punch on Fat Joe’s new album just a couple weeks ago, it seems Nick Cannon wants us all to know that he didn’t start this. In “Canceled: Invitation,” he goes on to tell Eminem he was a guest in the black community, but now his invitation has been canceled. In Nick’s eyes, he isn’t just sticking up for his own family anymore, he’s standing up for all black women.

This is a pretty strong clap from the hard working Hip Hop entertainer – Eminem’s gonna have to step up now, no doubt.

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