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Ray J and his wife, fellow Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood castmate, Princess Love, have reunited after their very public fighting just a month ago. Over the weekend, Ray J and Princess Love were all smiles at the baby shower for their 2nd child, due any day now. It’s being reported the couple will name the baby Ray J Junior.

All this despite the couple’s very recent marriage turmoil. On November 17th you’ll remember Princess Love started making allegations over Instagram that Ray J left her stranded in Las Vegas – the two were there attending the Soul Train Awards.

The circumstance become hot trending news with people asking, how could Ray J do such a thing to his pregnant wife? Apparently the two had a terrible argument, but Ray J refuted the claim he left his wife stranded directly to his followers on Instagram. However, that move only set Princess Love off even more!
With no makeup on, in her pajamas, and clutching her 1-year-old baby, Melony, Princess Love got on Instagram Live and told the world that not only did Ray J leave her stranded in Las Vegas, but that he was also actively cheating on her with other women.
She claimed Ray J told her about a particular affair he was having, and she also said Ray J intentionally started a fight with her just so he could get away to hang out with strippers. Interestingly, the hyperbolic princess was quite calm about the news of the affair and just seemed to skim over that part of her explosive story.

Both Ray J and Princess Love are experienced reality entertainers, but the whole eposide seemed to bubble over with far too much heated desperation even for them. Though the two have been seen together since then, this weekend’s baby shower seems to confirm the couple is indeed back together, despite all the cries for divorce from Princess Love. Her fans on social media are befuddled by the turn of events and looking for answers.

For now, no more angry tweets and epic Instagram rants from either of the two – such is love. We’ll keep you in the loop until the next time it drips…

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