Raw footage of the horrible shooting at a church in White Settlement, TX over the weekend has gone viral. The images show the shooter, who we’ve learned is named Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, dressed under the cloak of a long coat and hoodie, gunning down two innocent men before being taken out himself by a single shot. Be warned, the video feed is extremely graphic.

Who fired that shot? CNN reports his name is Jack Wilson – a deputy reservist with extensive firearms training. In fact, Wilson owned his own gun range at one point, and was the leader of the security team at the church where the shooting took place, West Freeway Church of Christ.

In the video, the gunman, Kinnunen, got up and engaged one congregant and suddenly pulled out his long gun. It appears another churchgoer standing nearby saw what was happening and started to pull out his weapon, but the attacker was too fast and he shot that guy first. The gunman then quickly shot the first congregant as well. Both men were murdered in cold blood as the screams of women and children began to ring out.


At that point the gunman turned to continue shooting, but got off just one more blast from his rifle before Jack Wilson’s shot simultaneously dropped him flat. The two men that Kinnunen managed to kill were both part of the church’s security team. By our count there were at least seven armed men in the church that day, but only Jack Wilson fired his gun, and a good shot it was.

There were more than two hundred people in the church and Wilson has been credited with saving them all. We’ll get it to you if more video comes. Until the next time it drips…

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