Rapper Dababy is again in a lot of trouble. He was arrested in Miami yesterday in connection with a robbery and beatdown of a man, all caught on video tape. We don’t know the victim’s identity, but TMZ is reporting the guy is a concert promoter who met up with Dababy and his Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment crew to pay them for a gig.

Apparently they didn’t like the amount he offered them, so they allegedly assaulted the guy, robbed him, and ran his pockets while he was on his back on a Miami street. You can see the back of a guy pulling the victim by the legs and seemingly going through his pockets on the video… people are saying that’s Dababy in action.

The “BOP” rapper was given a $1,500 bond last night, but the incident continues a saga of legal troubles for Dababy after a 2019 that saw his star status rise through the roof. Over New Years, hip hop mogul Diddy declared Dababy to be the hottest rapper in the game. However, these are exactly the kind of legal entanglements that seem to proceed precipitous falls.

Dababy was convicted of a gun charge in 2019, caught a weed citation just last week that’s still ongoing, and there’s also that pesky murder investigation going on surrounding the rapper. There was an altercation early in 2018 that left a man dead, and Dababy in possession of a gun. Dababy says it was about self-defense, but there is no statute of limitations on murder, and police investigations can have a way of turning around on anyone.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on here – until the next time it drips….

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