On New Year’s Eve L.A. rapper YG was robbed of over $400K in fine jewelry while staying at the London hotel in Los Angeles. However, TMZ reports the “Go Loko” rhymer didn’t actually file a police report about the caper until this Monday, a full 5 days later.

They’re saying the heist was executed somewhere between 11 AM on the ‘Rockin’ Eve and 11 PM on January 1st. How’d YG realize he had got stuck? Apparently, the briefcase holding the jewelry got a lot lighter by the morning and the hunt for suspects was on.

A possible reason for the delay to report the theft could be the fact YG admits there was hella folks coming in and out of his hotel room during that time – after all, there was a party going on. He probably wanted to check all of his own people first – everybody’s not your friend. Also, you can’t count out the g-code… YG may simply have been hesitant to work with the police on anything.

We’ll let you know if anything develops – until the next time it drips…

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