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R. Kelly’s girlfriends Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary got into an epic girl-fight at R. Kelly’s Trump Tower condo in Chicago, as the singer helplessly rots in jail. It’s been reported lately that the two ladies haven’t been getting along, as the events this afternoon more than verify.

The scene… Azriel was getting her things packed to vacate the condo in the next couple days, and apparently Joycelyn showed up to make sure none of R. Kelly’s Grammys and awards would walk out with her. First the girls got into a shouting match as Joycelyn called Azriel “disrespectful,” and screamed at her, “This is his house!”

It all came to blows however when Azriel repeatedly shouted at Joycelyn… “you slept with a minor!” When Joycelyn heard that, she dipped her head and seemed to go in for the beatdown on Azriel, the younger of the two ladies. Azriel was streaming the whole incident on Live, but we can’t be sure if Joycelyn knew about that.

We were able to capture much of Azriel’s live feed as she went from angry to tears, telling her viewers how “Rob has been lying to all of y’all asses… that’s the sad part about it.” She also said, “he had people like me lying for him.”

The twenty-two year old also expressed regret about doing the Gayle King interview with Joycelyn, and seemed willing to tell anyone who would listen that Joycelyn slept with her as a minor, multiple times. It was all a very explosive situation, as the R. Kelly dam appears to have broken.

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