UPDATE : 1:45 PM EST ==============

It’s being reported Joycelyn Savage has been let out of jail by a Chicago judge this afternoon. She is set to appear back in court on January 23rd. We’ll keep you updated.


Joycelyn Savage, one half of what was left of R. Kelly’s girlfriend/sex slave duo, was arrested last night by CPD. TMZ reports Joycelyn actually turned herself in when she learned that Azriel had broadcast the beatdown she took on Instagram Live, and wanted to press charges against her former live in bestie.

They say she’s waiting to hear from a judge about her release, but has a court date already set for February 6th. We can’t be sure if Joycelyn is out just yet, the young singer is notoriously private. Everyone should remember that Joycelyn and Azriel are young women now, but they have both been under R. Kelly’s control since they were very young girls.

Azriel however, did go for medical, and bruises were observed on the 22-year-old, as seen in the Live session she recorded for her followers. On this clip, you can see Joycelyn go in on Azriel after she screams, “You slept with a minor!” TMZ has that audio heightened as well so you can hear everything said… very intense stuff.

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