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Looks like the petty social media fight between New York rappers French Montana and 50 Cent may have taken a serious turn, when it comes to the streets. They’ve been back and forth at it like crazy, but the other day French Montana offered his followers court documents dated March 24th, 2000 that clearly refer to Curtis Jackson, which is 50 Cent’s real name, as an “informant.”


French Montana also placed a caption on the post that says in part… “Where I’m from it doesn’t get no worse than this… A real life rat wowwww 59 is a government informant and here’s the paperwork to prove it.”

It seems to be a case where 50 Cent took a beatdown from suspected gang members in New York. Interestingly, the document doesn’t describe him as a victim, but it clearly calls Curtis Jackson an “informant.” The case was a long time ago, however, and for all we know, this may not even be the right Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent hasn’t responded yet.

With a career trajectory that has taken 50 Cent from superstar rapper to internet troll, and now a big time Hollywood TV producer, this may all just be beneath the “In Da Club” architect. Although, it wasn’t above him to start this unprovoked war.

50 shook the French Montana hornet’s nest when he criticized the rapper over his purchase of a nearly $2 million Bugatti. 50 Cent claimed the sports car wasn’t worth half that and 50 belittled the vehicle’s age, as though it were your average Toyota. Well French Montana got major pissed off, decided not to let it go, and the “Fuc* What Happens Tonight” rhymer is still dropping bombs on 50 Cent every day, including a new diss track.

We’ll let you know if 50 Cent claps back – until the next time it drips….

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