Lori Harvey and Future have been spotted together again, this time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. And this time the message dropped directly from Future’s official Instagram page today. The controversial relationship can no longer be dodged, avoided, or denied by Lori’s extremely famous and proud parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey. That’s probably why Marjorie decided to post her approval of Lori’s bae of choice in turn… sorta.

From her Instagram page, Marjorie posted several wonderful pictures of her and Lori over the years and also offered this caption… “You may be 23 today….. but you will always be my baby. 😘 Don’t ever be afraid to choose your own path. Keep shining baby….. life is good πŸ’Ž”

You see what she did there? She used the phrase “life is good,” exactly the phrase Future put on his post of he and Lori up close and personal in a huge pool in Jamaica. There are also several videos floating the net of the seemingly odd couple doing a lot more than that.

Lori Harvey hit the blogosphere hard in 2019 with her relationship moves, being publicly linked to singer Trey Songz, then rapper King Combs and his daddy, hip hop mogul Sean Combs who turned 50 last year, then on to Future for 2020. The beat goes on.

The news of Lori’s choice of boyfriends is probably another unnerving episode for her family, but they should remember she’s young, and one thing will always remain true… girls just want to have fun, so relax. No need to drop baby pics yet. Until the next time it drips….

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