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Azriel Clary is back home with her family and they’re all celebrating her return. She posted the smiling pics to Instagram. As you know, Azriel made big news for fighting with Joycelyn Savage at R. Kelly’s condo in Trump Tower just days prior. Now Azriel wants her followers to know she’s ready for healing from the years of abuse she has suffered at the hands of R. Kelly.

The captian to her post says in part…

“Suprise, Let the healing process begin. Love y’all and thank y’all I even thank everyone who follows me.. because you all believed in me when I could not believe for myself. #movingontobetterdays”

However, along with the story about Azriel healing and moving on to better days, TMZ also released the hallway portion of Azriel’s girlfight with former live in bae, Joycelyn, and in it you can see Azriel clearly being the aggressor in the scuffle. Initially Azriel told the story on Live a lot differently, but there was no hallway video at that time.

Whatever that situation was, all parties are happy to see Azriel Clary back in the loving arms of her family members now, and seemingly come to her senses. We’ll be watching all developments with this story – until the next time it drips…

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