It seems hip hop mogul Yo Gotti has now followed through on his earlier threat to sue the state of Mississippi over its inhumane, and now deadly, prison system. The horrible conditions in Mississippi penitentiaries has been well known for some time, but the reports of 3 inmates being stabbed to death at Parchman Penitentiary within the first week of 2020 were enough to get Yo Gotti’s attention in neighboring Memphis, TN.

Have a look inside the ‘Thunderdome’…

He’s working with Jay Z’s Team Roc, the philanthropic legal team of Roc Nation. TMZ reports attorney Alex Spiro will represent about 30 inmates of the Mississippi prison system, and they filed legal documents on Tuesday. The lawsuit demands that Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi Department of Corrections make changes to adddress inmate safety and extremely unhealthy living conditions.

The Governor, however, has rejected any involvement into how he runs his prisons and seems to lay much of the blame on gangs and smuggled cellphones. Yo Gotti on the other hand, and Team Roc, simply want the situation to be remedied asap, and they demand the Governor does his job.

They are also looking for damages for the inmates named in the suit as Yo Gotti delivered this message yesterday… “The Lives of countless individuals in Mississippi prisons are at stake and we will not stop until this is fixed.” Until the next time it drips….