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In a move that seems to be a softening of her tone, Tekashi69’s baby mama, Sara Molina, told a TMZ reporter “there’s still time, ” presumably time for the “Fe Fe” rapper to make amends with her and their daughter, four-year-old Saraiyah. She says she hasn’t heard from Tekashi69, but seems very open to the idea of communication.

As you may know, Sara pretty much blasted Tekashi69 just under a month ago after the Judge in his case gave the rapper a gift sentence of only 24 months in prison, albeit because he did a first class job of snitchin’ on his homies, but 24 to the door. He has already served 14 months.

At the time, Sara did an on air interview with TMZ where she said Tekashi69 was not a changed man as he told the judge, and she also said he planned to use her daughter, Saraiyah, simply as a prop to garner sympathy from the court.

Now that Tekashi69 is asking the court to allow him to serve the rest of his time on house arrest, Sara’s words back then as mother to his only child may be playing a big part of the current judge’s decision of which way to go.

What a difference a month can make – not only does Sara now seem open to contact with Tekashi69, but at one point during her latest interview she talked about having lawyers reach out to Tekashi69. If he does get out of jail soon, he’ll probably be signing a huge $10 million record deal with his former record label, 10K Projects.

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