Massachusetts 7th District Congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley, just revealed a very heart wrenching secret about her health. In an expose by The Root, the congressman says she’s been dealing with a severe case of alopecia since last fall. Alopecia is hair loss, most common among men, but in fact it actually affects more than 50% of women to some degree.

In a very emotional and gripping piece, she details her struggles from the first time she realized she was losing her hair, to the horror of waking up every morning to “sink fulls” of her own locks. The congresswoman also describes her feelings about being admired as a champion by young girls in the black community for wearing her signature Senegalese locks.

The issue of hair identity for black people and fighting hair discrimination, especially in schools around the country, has been a very controversial topic lately. Congresswoman Pressley has been a strong advocate ever since she jumped onto the national scene. She told her followers, when it comes to this issue of alopecia in women and women of color, she doesn’t want to simply occupy a lane, she wants to “create one.”

Until the next time it drips….

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