New York rapper Pop Smoke was taken into custody this morning by federal law enforcement officers for allegedly transporting a stolen vehicle. The vehicle in question… a 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith, no less. TMZ reports court documents say Pop Smoke met the real owner of the car at a Los Angeles music studio, and convinced this person to let him use the Rolls on a video shoot.

Apparently, Once Pop Smoke got the keys to the very expensive machine, the “Welcome To The Party” rapper never brought it back. Court documents allege that Pop Smoke has been riding around in someone else’s Rolls Royce Wraith since November… and putting serious mileage on it to boot. The owner tracked the vehicle’s GPS all the way through Arizona in December. Ghuhhh!

Pop Smoke is said to be in a Brooklyn jail right now awaiting arraignment. His career really took off in 2019 with hot songs and lots of industry buzz. New York rappers love to scream his name, and he’s been killin’ the game. For now though, Pop Smoke’s got a lot of explaining to do. Until the next time it drips….

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