Rapper Quavo went to a club in Paris and came in the door throwing punches at people. Apparently he had a hard time getting in the door at club Palais Mailot on Thursday night for the after party of Offset’s Paris Fashion Week showing – by all accounts a rousing success.

TMZ says Quavo showed up after Cardi B and Offset had already left, and the bouncer didn’t recognize ‘Quavo Honcho’ for the baller he was. They also say it was one of the popular Les Twins dancers who finally convinced the door personnel to let Quavo in. You may know them from So You Think You Can Dance, touring with Beyonce, or one of their many viral dance videos.

However, when Quavo came through the door, he immediately started punching people – he allegedly hit staff and even the Les Twins guy that had helped him out. What gives? Quavo eventually left without any more trouble, and he wasn’t arrested. No comment from the Migos rapper about the situation yet.

Until the next time it drips….

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