Rapper Dababy has been seen on camera, yet again seemingly assaulting an unarmed man trying desperately to get away from him. This time it appeared to be a skinny kid working valet at a Beverly Hills hotel. On surveillance provided by TMZ, Dababy is seen aggressively following the young man back into the doors of the hotel and in anger, the rapper pushes the valet into a wall really hard, then he lands on to a nearby seat.

Along with two goons to back Dababy up, it looks like the cornered young man has to take some sort of threatening lecture from the rapper, trapped with nowhere to run.

For his part, Dababy has released a lengthy statement to his millions of followers on Instagram offering excuses for his public, on camera aggression – unfortunately, he’s getting good at this. The “BOP” rhymer says the valet was recording him and his daughter outside the hotel, but he didn’t want social media to know his location; therefore, three much bigger men had to come knock him around?? … go figure.

In his message, Dababy admits to pushing the hotel worker, and it’s easy to see from the video and the tone of his statement, Dababy was pretty pissed. He also threatened to sue the hotel involved, and when it comes to TMZ he said, “Y’all continuously attempt to assassinate my character.”

The publication has a video rap sheet of sorts on Dababy, including the incident in Miami a couple weeks ago, where it appeared the rapper robbed a man in the street – again, on camera.

We’ll see where it all goes from here, but Dababy is definitely racking up lots of possible criminal liability from coast to coast, no doubt. Until the next time it drips….

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