Model Lira Galore and baby mama to Pierre “Pee” Thomas, CEO of Quality Control Music, has filed a restraining order against the very outspoken and very rich head honcho. The two have been involved in a knock-down drag-out fight for custody of their 9-month-old little girl, Khaleesi (GOT).

However, TMZ says they’ve seen documents where Lira claims Quality Control “Pee” was way out of control during a hearing last week. According to Lira, he walked up on her in a very “intimidating nature” and was trying desperately to get her number.

She also says that, in a conference room, “Pee” was giving her stalker stares and was actually caught taking her picture… right there in the conference room! And that’s not all – Lira claims he then tried to block her and her lawyer from leaving the room. She literally had to get a deputy escort from the courthouse.

You may know Lira is already suing the music mogul over physical abuse for a whopping $15 million, over what frankly appears to be little more than scratches, but the point is… “Pee” doesn’t have the luxury to be acting aggressively at all. We’ll keep an eye on the happenings here – until the next time it drips…


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