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Joycelyn Savage was in a courtroom today in Chicago, a court date everyone knew was coming after her fistfight with R. Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clary. The two scrapped it out as Azriel was packing up to leave their cozy polyamory in R. Kelly’s Trump Tower apartment. Joycelyn, of course, ended up getting arrested and charged.

Joycelyn’s family was there to stand by her side, as TMZ reports the whole family was in attendance. After the hearing was over, her little sisters and her mother can be seen on video desperately trying to talk some sense into the young singer. But Joycelyn has been a grown woman for quite some time, and she ignored them while talking on her cell phone. She then stubbornly walked around them all, and jumped into a waiting car.

The last thing they uttered to Joycelyn was, “Watch the documentary,” and one of her little sisters can be heard saying “He’s been lying.” It was another tough day for Joycelyn’s family, as they continue to watch Joycelyn defend a man many now see as a monster.

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