Former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver Antonio Brown has just been released from jail, after having turned himself in to the Hollywood, Florida police department. As we told you, they were looking for the superstar after an altercation at his house involving a moving company that was simply dropping off at Antonio’s home.

AB got a bond of $100,000 for his burglary with assault charge, after his lawyers and the prosecution squabbled about Antonio being a flight risk. He was set free, but only with major restrictions.

The judge ordered AB surrender his passport and all firearms, and he was ordered to stay away from the victim. Notably, Antonio was also ordered to undergo drug testing and a mental evaluation, as it seems the erratic baller’s wild behavior may finally be catching up with him. TMZ reports Antonio was also wearing some sort of suicide prevention scrubs during his court hearing.

The incident marks the second time in as many weeks that police had to come to AB’s house over an altercation. Antonio, along with his friend Glenn Holt, apparently threatened and injured the moving van driver while he was at the home. Hollywood PD arrested Holt that day, but what we didn’t know at the time was that Antonio actually barricaded himself in his estate so the police couldn’t get at him. Wisely, the cops on scene thought it better to go back to the station and simply issue a warrant for Antonio Brown’s arrest instead of breaching the residence to pull him out. Knowing Antonio definitely owns firearms, a scenario like that could have truly ended badly.

Unfortunately the millionaire football player has now actually become a part of the criminal justice system, for real. Until the next time it drips….

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