Blac Chyna has just been ordered to pay her former landlord, Michael Kremerman, a huge judgement of $72k in unpaid back rent. TMZ reports they’ve seen court documents detailing a judge’s ruling in the case, and get this… the Zues network diva actually lost because she refused to put up a fight.

However, it seemed clear from the start Blac Chyna might be in the wrong on this one, and it looks like she must’ve thought so herself as well.

The story first hit back in the spring of last year that Chyna had walked out early on her lease of a mini-mansion. From a landlord’s prospective, that would’ve been bad enough, but she also stuck Kremerman with over $48,000 in back rent. You throw in fees and Attorney’s fees and you arrive at the $72k number in question.

Rob Kardashian’s ex is definitely about to go in her bag, but this time it won’t be for fun. Until the next time it drips…

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