International Hip Hop superstar Future seems to have met his egotistical match in Instagram model, Eliza Seraphin. She’s allegedly Future’s seventh baby mama and from the looks of it, she will not be ignored. Eliza has finally dissed the rap-rockstar enough that he had to file a lawsuit. TMZ says Future is suing Eliza for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Future claims Eliza told intimate details of their sex life together, even revealing details of the appearance of his penis on a show called “Onsite” with Rashan Ali. You may remember, we showed you that clip last month – she actually used props too. We have to admit, it made for great TV though, seriously.

Future also says Eliza is hurting his brand, and he brought up the fact she once claimed the rapper was looking to have her killed while pregnant. That was actually just the oppening salvo to what’s become a nasty public series of he-said, she-said between the two. If you believe the transmissions that appear to be from Eliza Seraphin, Future may also be right to call her out about it.


We reported Future’s first legal moves against Eliza Seraphin claimed the model was a fraud and a liar. He told a judge that Eliza actually had far more money than she listed in court documents, failing to list bank accounts and a conveniently omitted Range Rover from her asset sheet. However, now it appears he wants her to stop embarrassing him with the truth – which is it?

Again, just like his last legal challenge to his alleged 7th baby mama, Future doesn’t even touch the notion of whether he is the father of her little girl, Reign Wilson. But if he wants to win, the “Life is Good” rapper might want to decide whether he wants the court to believe Eliza, or not. We’ll let you know what happens – until the next time it drips….

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