Rap star Yella Beezy appears to be in big trouble after a video surfaced, allegedly showing him and his crew putting the beatdown on a guy in the streets of Dallas, Texas. A man named Brandon Rainwater is bringing suit again Beezy and the club where the whole thing started, a strip club called V Live.

Rainwater says Yella Beezy and the gang dislocated his hip when they chose to jump him. TMZ claims to have legal documents showing Rainwater is seeking $1 million and doesn’t care who pays… Yella Bezzy or the club. This happened about a month ago, but Rainwater claims he’s still in physical therapy. Sounds legit too… you can get six weeks of PT for just about any injury, and that’s just for starters.

The surveillance video came from a store across the street from the club. In it, a guy that looks like Yella Beezy appears to chase Rainwater onto a busy highway. Rainwater, running for his life, is soon caught by his assailant, and then pummeled to the ground. Three or four guys soon follow and also appear to beat Rainwater – again, in the middle of a busy street.

On the tape, Rainwater appears to be beaten severely – he cannot lift himself out of the middle of the road even after the gang runs off. In another video taken by a fan on site, Yella Beezy can be heard screaming, “I beat him up!”

It’s worth noting Brandon Rainwater is said to be the manager of an artist called Mo3. Word is there’s big beef between the two rappers and their teams. No comment from Yella Beezy as to whether that was actually him on tape getting his hands dirty, but we’ll bring it to you when we know more. Until the next time it drips…

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