Lebron James is making good on what once seemed like an unbelievable pledge to students at his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. The 11th grade class, apparently Lebron’s first class, took a field trip to Kent State University in Northeast Ohio. When they got there, some 193 deserving pupils learned Kent State University had guaranteed four years of free tuition for every one of them!

If that weren’t enough, Kent State University also vouched for one year’s room and board absolutely free. The video of the big reveal has gone viral with touching imagery of the surprised young faces. We haven’t heard the details yet, but each one of them will have academic standards to maintain in order to keep their scholarships – in keeping the I Promise School’s motto… “Nothing is given. Everything is earned.”

Started in 2018, the I Promise School is mostly for underprivileged kids in the Akron, Ohio area where Lebron grew up. We’ll keep you informed on what’s next for Lebron James’ ‘I Promise’ kids. It sure looks like he’s doing awesome work. Until the next time it drips….

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