It’s being reported that 27-year-old Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Greg Robinson was busted yesterday at a border checkpoint, with 157 lbs of marijuana stuffed in the Chevy Tahoe he was riding in. He was with two others including former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, Quan Bray, 26.

Apparently, they weren’t trying to reenter the US with the load of drugs, they were simply on the way from Los Angeles to Louisiana and got jammed-up at the checkpoint along the way. An official Border Patrol drug sniffing dog led agents right to their stash in the rear of the SUV.

According to TMZ, Robinson and Bray also had in their possession: 23 mason jars, an electronic scale, a professional can sealing machine, and $3,100 in cash. Border Patrol agents found the cash when they ran Bray’s pockets. Most of the dope was in vacuum-sealed black bags.

We’re also hearing the two ballers tried to get the unidentified third person in the car to take the fall for the drugs, but that person wasn’t having it and they have not been charged so far. Robinson and Bray are facing up to 20 years in the federal penitentiary behind the bust.

If you’re wondering why a veteran NFL player is out here taking penitentiary chances running dope, join the club. Remarkably, it’s been revealed Greg Robinson has made a whopping $29 million in his NFL career and that’s just contract money. He came out as the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft – he was a beast.

However, what we found out is Cleveland recently decided not to renew his contract for 2020. Robinson may have just felt under the gun with pressure, but we’ll keep you plugged in to the situation. Until the next time it drips…

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