Gavin Porter, 26, the nephew of famed producer Tyler Perry, was an inmate at Union Parish Detention Center in Farmville, Louisiana. He was found dead in his cell on Tuesday night. Prison officials believe Gavin hung himself with bedsheets in a cell he had been placed in over the weekend.

Apparently, Gavin had gotten into a fight so they placed him in solitary. At first they said the fight was with one inmate, but now we know there were several prisoners involved. We’re told prison officials have spoken to Tyler Perry’s sister about the death of her son and they say they suspect no foul play, but the family still wants an investigation done. We’ve heard no assertions that Gavin was suicidal- it’ll be interesting to see where the investigation goes.

Gavin’s body will be sent to Arkansas for autopsy, and given the fact his uncle is Tyler Perry, the family will probably be afforded expedited services.

You may remember, Gavin was sentenced to 20 years in jail after killing his own father, Gary Wayne Porter, age 54, back in 2016. Gavin was originally charged with 2nd degree murder, but plead to manslaughter. It’s also been reported the whole thing went down in front of his mother, so the family has been through a lot with Gavin.

We’ll let you know what comes of the investigation into Gavin Porter’s death. Until the next time it drips…

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