A federal judge has granted Kenneth Petty $100,000 bond, however, he has to wear an ankle monitor. Kenneth did plead not guilty to the charge, but the judge was in no mood to trust him since he hasn’t been reporting as a sex offender. Kenneth had to surrender his passport as well, and he’ll have a curfew.

Coincidentally, Kenneth just came back from Trinidad with his wife, Nicki Minaj, so this move will definitely dampen his lifestyle as an international baller. Oh, and he can’t be caught doing any kind of drugs – not California chronic, not even legal. Looks like things officially just got rough for Kenneth Petty.


Nicki Minaj’s new husband, Kenneth Petty, is in the news today because it was found out he’s in federal custody in California. He was placed under arrest recently after turning himself in to federal agents. Not sure how long they’ve had him, but TMZ says Kenneth is set to see a judge today. What happened?

Apparently, he moved to California with his famous wife back in July 2019, but never registered as a sex offender which he’s legally required to do because of a 1995 first degree attempted rape conviction in New York state. Did you guys know about that? He did almost a four year bid for that crime.

His trouble started in California back in November, when he got jammed up by Beverly Hills cops in a traffic stop. When they realized he was a sex offender, the scrutiny began. Police arrested Kenneth that day and charged him with not registering as a sex offender in California. Kenneth went straight to jail, but he made bail. However, that must’ve put the feds on his tail.

We don’t know yet how federal authorities have been communicating with Nicki’s boo, but they have, evidenced by the fact he came to them. It all makes one wonder… Did Nicki Minaj know Kenneth wasn’t registered in California as a sex offender?

We know her brother was just convicted of rape and sentenced to 20 years hard time about an under aged girl. Nicki and ex-boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, recently had a well publicized Twitter fight about her brother’s conviction. Could that little dust up┬áhave brought heat and attention to Nicki’s husband? She does seem to be surrounded by men convicted on rape charges.

We’ll keep an eye on what happens today in federal court for Kenneth. Dude could get up to ten years in the penitentiary if convicted in federal court. Until the next time it drips…


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