Ever since losing a huge lawsuit to Rick Ross’ baby mama Lastonia Leviston a few years ago, 50 Cent has been in financial turmoil. Leviston was awarded a whopping $7 million dollar judgement against the “Many Men” gangsta rapper.

Ever the fighter, 50 turned around and sued the law firm that represented him. He wants to depose Michael Scott, the Chief Legal Officer of Reid Smith LLP. He’s accusing the law firm of malpractice since they didn’t call Rick Ross to the stand during trial. Therefore, yes, 50 Cent wants Rick Ross to testify as well.

However, today we learned from hnhh.com that ‘Ricky Rozay’ spoke through his lawyer, John T. Rose, saying… “Our client Mr. Roberts has no problem appearing for a deposition, he just requires that Mr. Jackson follow the law.” Now just in case you didn’t know, that’s legal speak for “fu** off.” The two men, 50 Cent and Rick Ross, have a well known history of hate for one another.

Thought to be much richer than he actually was, the judgement forced 50 Cent into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, sending the G-Unit boss through financial throes and woes that the rapper is still fighting against to this day. It was so bad at the time, 50 Cent implored his bankruptcy judge to provide some financial relief – 50 told the judge he felt like a slave to his creditors.

Interestingly, 50 Cent has managed to turn his post-hip hop career into one of the most successful in the industry. He’s a big time Hollywood TV producer now, having lots of success, yet the money cannot seem to come fast enough. Bankruptcy has reduced the rapper to a shell of his former financial self.

We’ll keep an eye on the happenings here, but 50 Cent probably shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for Rick Ross to help him. #manymen

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