Rapper Lil Baby is enjoying a slew of awesome success with his now #1 offering, My Turn, the first chart topping hit in his short but meteoric career trajectory after heating up the streets for a while now. He recently did The Breakfast Club morning show where Charlamagne Tha God asked him why there were no Quality Control labelmates on his new album. Lil Baby’s reply… “Damn, that’s crazy.”

He rose up his voice to say “I didn’t even rea…,” but he took a second to think, then began to explain why no QC artists have features. Off the top, Lil Baby said he had a song with the City Girls, but says “they done convinced Pee to tell me that they can have the song.” He added that he was still down with the girls, so no problem there.

He explained that he doesn’t really vibe with Migos members Offset and TakeOff musically, but that they were cool. He also said they’ve never really appeared on his tapes. He did tell fans he has a song with Quavo coming up, but obviously not on the My Turn collection.

Lil Baby then mentioned Lil Yachty. He credited Yachty with taking him under his wings at QC, and shared how much he respects that. However, in a very candid moment, Lil Baby indicated that Lil Yachty is feeling put off by the “Pure Cocaine” rhymer lately. He said…

“Yachty is my man. Shout out to Yachty. He was like the first person at QC to grab me under his wing on some rap sh*t. Now I’m gone all the time, so he kinda feels like I don’t really fu$k with him like that, but I really do – it ain’t that at all.”

Still, some are asking if the move to 86 other QC artists was just that, a strategic move. By excluding the others, that’s one, perhaps two, less plaques at the Quality Control Headquarters for them, but more for Lil Baby. Could the “Woah” rapper be a little intimidated by all the success of QC’s roster of entertainment household names, and simply be determined to shine all by himself?

Not necessarily the Quality Control way – an operation with a carefully crafted image of sharing and hip hop family unity. But if Lil Baby doesn’t want to share his spotlight with other QC artists, shouldn’t he just admit it, and not have to act surprised when it’s pointed out? You make the call. Until the next time it drips…

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