Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Dababy has had some very interesting reactions to his circumstance of being caught on camera slapping pure fire out of an innocent girl at one of his shows last weekend. He woke up that morning offering $10k to whomever might have a video to absolve him of culpability for the brutality he used on the girl.

However a few hours later, it seemed Dababy relented, and decided to issue a halfhearted apology… a very long drawn out ‘halfhearted’ apology. Yesterday we all woke to the rapper actually dropping a comedy video with comedian Michael Blackson, making fun of the horrible circumstance of the “Suge” rapper violently hitting a woman.

Well now it seems the victim is speaking out, and she is not happy at all with Dababy’s obvious callousness to her suffering. Her name is Tyronesha Laws. Listen to her reaction to finding out about the comedy skit on TMZ

Not sure if you picked up on what she’s saying, but yes, there is possibly another female victim out there from the incident as well. Tyronesha believes Dababy was actually targeting another girl that may have felt his blow. Of course, the Dababy claimed in his apology that he didn’t even know who he was hitting, just swinging wildly at a fan. Ok.

We all know our favorite rapper has been caught several times of late, not just behaving badly, but actually violently hitting innocent people in the streets. If you follow hip hop, you also may know Dababy went for counsel with Diddy after a rough series of tabloid stories and seemed to come away with a better perspective on how to conduct himself.

But now, here we have fresh evidence Dababy is getting into the worst evil any man could ever do… violence against women. There’s nothing funny about it. Before things go any further, Dababy simply has to stop – period, point blank. #stopviolenceagainstwomen

Until the next time it drips…

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