Infamous jailed-rapper-turned-jailhouse-rat, Tekashi69 is back in the news this week. Looks like the ‘Rainbow rapper’ does in fact have a release date from his stint in federal prison. His attorney Dawn Florio confirmed to People yesterday that Tekashi69 will be released on August 2, 2020, in just a few short months. Florio argued he’s benefiting “because he has been the perfect model prisoner since his incarceration.”

Tekashi69’s possible release has been a real hot sauce shaker full of strong opions on all sides. Winners will of course be the rapper, his family, and his fans. However, there are many more that seem to absolutely hate Tekashi69’s guts for snitching on his gang. Watching the rapper beat what was at one time  a possible 47-year prison sentence, to now gettin’ ready to hit the bricks in only a year and a half, is just too much for some people to take.

When the topic of snitches came up on his GGN talk show, rapper Snoop Dogg had this to say about Tekashi69…. “We already got one in hip-hop. It’s some new wave bullshit going on in the world,” Snoop remarked, and then he kept snapping…

“I know back in the day—even where you come from—n***as had to get put on. Wasn’t no just wake up and you from the ‘hood. You had to get put on, you had to go through some things, you had to really earn your keep. To me, that remedy is out of here. There’s no more of that. It’s washed away.”

Snoop Dogg was interviewing ScHoolBoy Q at the time, and they both are proud gang members. The fact Tekashi69’s now getting out of jail on the backs of his bros is probably the last thing these guys wanna hear about.

You’ll remember, Tekashi69 plead guilty to nine very serious federal felony charges ranging from racketeering conspiracy  to firearms violations, and he also admitted to having rapper Chief Keef shot at.

Turns out however, Tekashi69 will come home to an eight figure record deal. They say 10k Projects is still on deck, ready to pump life into one of the most hated rappers EVER in hip hop. It may be a crazy thought at this moment, but in our do anything for the paper, social media driven fu%* up world – when Tekashi69’s checks start rolling in, how long will it be before other rappers start jocking this cat for features?

Matter of fact, we love Nicki Minaj, but I’d put $20 on her being one of the first to rock a Tekashi69 feature. Who would you put a dub on?


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