If the phrase “lookin’ crazy” was a person, it would definitely be the jailed Florida rapper, Kodak Black right now. A new mugshot of the “Zeze” rhymer just hit the blogosphere yesterday, and it seems the rapper is definitely worse for the wear from his stint in jail.

Apparently he was being transferred from one facility to the next in the federal prison system, and though we’re told his stay is only temporary, somehow this mugshot has already been leaked. Wonder who got paid for that?

We all know Kodak sent out desperate pleas from inside the walls of the federal penitentiary where he was being housed recently, complaining of inhumane and unfair treatment from prison staff. It all prompted his mother to go hire Tallahassee, Florida civil rights lawyer, Benjamin Crump.

Not sure how that whole relationship is going today, but at the time, the rapper indicated he was displeased with Attorney Crump having his mom doing public appearances. She held a courthouse press conference sobbing hysterically, and she seemed to indicate she might hurt herself if anything happened to her son.

Kodak Black was sentenced to nearly four years hard time for multiple firearms violations and lying on a federal background check application. Like his fans, we hope Kodak Black can adjust better to prison life and stay safe, but he’s got a long way to go, and unfortunately that’s just a cold hard fact. #Freeyak

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