WBA Lightweight Champion Gervonta Davis is witnessing even more evidence come out in the domestic violence case against him, brought by his baby mama. We have all seen the video of the mutliweight boxing champion violently snatching his girl by the collar in front of a celebrity basketball crowd last month, then dragging her behind the scenes.

Well now TMZ has obtained more facility surveillance footage from off the court…

We’ve enhanced and slowed the video down a bit so you can see more of what actually happened. After Gervonta got his baby mama off court, you see him having to be pulled away from her by some guy. However, it appears Gervonta still had some sort of hold on her, as if he was pulling her with him.

Some say they think it’s by her hair, but you be the judge. It appears Gervonta also wanted smoke with people that were recording the situation by cellphone – he came hard at one guy in particular.

After the initial video dropped, the ‘big man’ boxer was arrested some three days later and charged with simple battery, domestic violence. Who knows if this new footage might increase the WBA Lightweight Champ’s legal liability, but this situation is just a bad look for him all around. Apparently his baby nama told police she received several injuries from her encounter with Gervonta.

For his part, Gervonta says, “I never once hit her. Yeah, I was aggressive and told her come on. That’s the mother of my child. I would never hurt her.” Well she says he did hurt her, and we can all see how he treated her on that day.

Gervonta has a remarkable boxing record of 23 – 0, but since this incident has come to light, it’s pretty clear that he just lost 1. Until the next time it drips…

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