Derrick Henry, like many of us, was a Kobe Bryant fan, but the Tennessee Titans franchise running back is taking things to another level. In memory of Kobe, he went to his jeweler and had a $85k diamond necklace made for himself. It features an African black mamba snake wrapped around Kobe Bryant’s signature logo.

TMZ is reporting it as a 35-carat diamond piece, and we’ve notice Derrick may have at least two pendants for the chain. We’re told Kobe’s death hit him really hard because the Lakers legend has been a life long inspiration to the Alabama champion. Derrick often uses the moniker “Mamba Mentality” on his social media posts, and he celebrates Kobe whenever he can.

They say Derrick hasn’t worked a longterm deal with the Titans as of yet, but the team chose to put a franchise tag on him, so things are expected to work out. Either way, he’s going to be fabulously rich for a long time. Until the next time it drips….

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