He’s asymptomatic, but Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has tested positive for COVID-19, along with three other players on the team. The Nets made the announcement yesterday afternoon, but didn’t provide names at the time; however, Durant soon spoke up confirming his diagnosis.

“Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine,” Durant said. “We’re going to get through this.”

One of the four players diagnosed is symptomatic, but there’s no word yet on his current condition. The Nets management has issued a quarantine for staff saying, “The health of our players and staff is of the highest priority to the organization and the team is doing everything within its power to ensure that those affected receive the best care possible.”


An interesting aspect to the situation, TMZ has pics of music superstar Drake, hanging in West Hollywood last Tuesday with Kevin Durant, after the Nets’ game with the L.A. Lakers – that means Drake’s had direct contact with a COVID-19 carrier. So it’s no wonder he released a video of his inhouse basketball court saying this is “My life for the next however long.” It may very well be he’s in self quarantine.

The World Health Organization has confirmed more than 184,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide, leading to over 7,500 deaths. Last night New York’s Times Square was like a ghost town. With no cure in sight, the world hopes and prays the ‘social distancing’ strategy will soon pay off. Until the next time it drips…

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