A man named Shane Hardy, a former friend of Tekashi69, is now suing the rapper for having him shot. He says Tekashi ordered his then Nine Trey gang bros, Aaron “Bat” Young and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones, to hunt him down and shoot him, and apparently, shoot him they did.

Shane says back on January 19, 2018, Tekashi69’s two assassins found him around 11:45 PM on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Shane says they shot him in the back of the head and neck, but despite his injuries, he survived. TMZ reports Shane says he suffered serious injuries, as you can imagine, and he’s suing for damages, unspecified at this point.

From what Tekashi69 admitted to in open court while he was snitchin’, we know the “Fefe” rapper had a practice of putting hits out on people he did not like. We heard during Tekashi69’s trial how he ordered a hit on rapper Chief Keef and an attempt was made on his life.

Since the news broke that Tekashi69 would be getting out of jail this summer and most importantly, coming into money with a huge record deal, the rapper has now been hit with two lawsuits and counting. For the record, Shane Hardy is also suing the two reported gunmen involved as well; however, both Young and Jones are currently serving long sentences in the federal penitentiary, courtesy of Tekashi69’s snitch game.

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