Rapper Kodak Black is doing an awesome good for state of Florida school children – he’s donating thousands in much needed school supplies to kids in Broward County. With schools in Florida closed until April 15th due to the COVID-19 scare, the supplies will make a welcomed gift.

Through TMZ we found out Kodak has zeroed in on the need to keep reading scores up, so the the rapper’s donating 625 reading comprehension books for kids grades 1 – 5, along with notebooks and other necessities while they study from home. It’s reported to cost the jailed rapper some $5000, at least.

While not the only charitable giving the “Zeze” rapper has made, it is however, very well timed to help out in his upcoming sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to yet another federal gun charge.

You may know, he copped to attempted second degree criminal possession of a gun in federal court last week. It carries a possible sentence of 2 to 7 years, while the rapper is already locked up on a 46-month bid for lying on federal background documents to obtain firearms. It’s being reported the sentences will run concurrently, but that still leaves a lot of time in the federal penitentiary on the table for a judge to work with. What will become of Kodak Black?

The situation for Kodak Black is getting even more perilous as the days tick on. By our count there still may be other charges out there lurking for the Pompano Beach success story to have to deal with. Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, says the school supplies will likely be sent out to each student individually. That’s a lot of effort, and the sentencing judge may likely see it that way too.

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