In a hearfelt plea to his fans and followers, rapper Lil Xan asked music fans to stay off the “fuc* Lil Xan bandwagon.” He believes peer pressure is playing a big part in the hate he feels coming from people that he thinks would otherwise like his music. He recently posted this message to his millions of followers on Instagram….

He wants everyone to know he’s “a very humble person and very nice, polite.” He also wants folks to have faith in his musical vision, citing the fact his first album, Total Xanarchy, hit the top 10 on Billboard Top 200, and that it did. Since then however, the young star has had several fits and starts when it comes to bringing a sophomore studio album to the market. While Xan did drop a mixtape on the heels of Total Xanarchy, we’ve only heard various singles since then. Still, the artist seems to be gearing up for a 2020 release very soon.

Lil Xan was the subject of considerable negative attention last year. He suffered a drug relapse, but he eventually admitted it. The “Betrayed” rapper went back to Xanax and hydrocodone for a time, and the situation saw him return to drug rehabilitation. There was also the incident where the rapper was seen on video pulling a gun out on a guy at a gas station – and a subsequent LAPD investigation, or so it was reported.

On the bright side, what Lil Xan has been working on, and doing very successfully, is his Xanarchy clothing line. His fans love it and they want more of it. People love success. If Lil Xan wants to stop the hate, we suggest he push out that new album and keep putting up Ws, keep running up the numbers – that’s your secret sauce right there. And nobody’s irreplaceable, even record labels.

We’re told the new project is called Sorry I Didn’t Quit Yet – and that’s perfect. Middle fingers up – rock on Lil Xan. Until the next time it drips…

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