Rapper and ‘youngest in charge’ YBN Nahmir has made a huge leap toward actually releasing his very own full length studio album. At this moment he has the track “2 SEATER,” featuring top tier talents G-Eazy & Offset, out on all platforms. This will be his second solo release of 2020, as his team waits anxiously for the accompanying visual to drop at any moment.

Anxious because there is some hint that the all important video release may have a snag… the “Rubbin off the Paint” rhymer seems to have withdrawn his earlier promise to his millions of followers that the video was about to drop. Is there a problem? Or maybe this is simply the calm before a “2 SEATER” stunt-fest storm.

While YBN Nahmir invented the “Young Boss Niggas” set back in 2014, Nahmir himself has never actually released his own legit studio album. Yet fellow YBN collective member YBN Cordae has seen his recording career take off after the release of his 2019 collection called The Lost Boy – he even garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

YBN Nahmir fans, however, have had a couple of ground breaking mixtapes and a ton of singles to geek to, but still no album. The “Bounce Out With That” rapper has been saying 2019 was spent taking a break and spending time with family, but it’s more likely his failure to deliver a studio album has more to do with some legal troubles that started back in 2017 over his most successful song, “Rubbin off the Paint.”

The issue was concerning publishing rights, his manager, and record labels – the kinds of things that can take forever to resolve. It set the rapper’s march toward industry dominance off track by a lot, and it most likely still persists till this day. Still, fans don’t care about all that – they just want that work, and YBN Nahmir damn well knows it.

Will 2020 be his year? Will YBN Nahmir be the one with Grammy nods next winter? It all starts with a successful run up to an album release. He has to stay focused, flip this game, and bring industry pain to all who may be in doubt about him. In reality, at this point it’s about more than just the numbers – it’s about respect.

Until the next time it drips…

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