Cardi B jumped on IGTV last night to put the blame for the Coronavirus/COVID-19 causing so much havoc in the U.S. squarely on the shoulders of President Trump, or “number 45” as she called him. Cardi thinks had the U.S. response been handled correctly, the Coronavirus would never have breached our shores. Check her message..

In fact, starting in May 2018, the Trump administration systematically forced out the top two officials in the government that handle global pandemic threats to the U.S. Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer was the senior director of global health and bio defense on the National Security Council. His job was to oversee global health security issues, just like COVID-19.

The Trump administration thought his job needed to be “streamlined” and literally got rid of it – the highest ranking position in the U.S. dealing with infectious diseases and global pandemics.

Soon after Ziemer’s departure, the then National Security Advisor by the name of Tom Bossert was also forced out. Word is that came directly from then Secretary of State, John Bolton. Tom Bossert was known for making strong recommendations to defend against biological warfare and disease threat pandemics.

Both these high ranking officials were gone way back in 2018, but apparently, the Trump administration never replaced them. More importantly perhaps, they never replaced their teams – they would be the ones doing all the hard work of finding threats that pop up about the globe, like COVID-19.

Conceivably, our government could have been working on America’s response to COVID-19 in early 2019, which is probably when the first cases started popping up. We might have caught this far before the Chinese government reluctantly admitted it, and far before even our own CIA operatives on the ground started reporting that people were showing up at Chinese hospitals and dying. We would have the data.

Cardi B’s profanity-laced delivery may not seem credible to some, but on this point, her assessment is none the less correct. Until the next time it drips…

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